Founded in 1991, FPA (Franzina Partners Architecture) is an award-winning architecture, planning and interior design firm specializing in residential and hospitality building typologies worldwide.

FPA multifunctional team of 40 people with Architects, Engineers, Designers and Managers is able to offer the best of Italian Style products, services and new business formats, development and execution in field of architecture, civil engineering and interiors design.

FPA deals with planning for architecture, engineering, interior and industrial design, landscape architecture with particular attention to the residential and hospitality sectors.




Franzina Partners Architecture

Founded in 1991, is an award-winning architecture, planning and interior design firm specializing in residential and hospitality building typologies worldwide.

FPA Architectural Division

FPA Architectural Division is focused on the development of the architectural concept, connecting the architectural and the interior design with specific focus at the lighting aspects. The Architectural Division combines the architectural idea to the structural and technological plants layers to have an integrated project.

FPA Technical Division

FPA Structural Engineering Division is responsible for engineering design and coordinating geotechnical programs. Members with experience develop geotechnical and structural issues, particularly with regard to engineering problems of soil-structure interaction. They pay attention to new systems and technologies as well as best materials and processes in order to guarantee safety and longevity of structures.
FPA Electrical, Mechanical and Special Services Engineering Division has developed a relevant experience with regard to: engineering, Design, supplying, installation and maintenance of industrial and technological plants, including but not limited to M.E.P. (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing), such as electrical and electronics, interior and exterior lighting, air conditioning, telephone and telecommunication, computer and data transmission, security and safety, fire prevention systems, heating; activities listed above include related project and site management.

FPA Landscape Division

FPA Landscape Division as part of FPA, was founded in 2010 from the partnership between Franzina + Partners Architecture and B-SCAPE studio associato, a firm focused on landscape architecture. The aim of the Divisions is to promote the interaction between built and “voids”, architecture and landscape taking the best from both experiences establishing a dialogue that is, indeed, the heart of the relationship between mankind and the environment. Landscape Division projects are the result of over a decade of crosscutting professional experience, reinforce, consolidate and improve upon the existing balance while representing new opportunities for interaction that amplify and further develop the link between green spaces, mankind and architecture.  The Landscape Division can deal with the project from the concept to the executive phases and construction.